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" I have to tell you how grateful I am to have worked with you in the 11th hour program and to have taken your Cultivation Compassion classes. Much of what you taught me has been a direct benefit and use in my day to day life, and I think of you often when I am approaching a difficult situation with patients or families."    - A C


" Iwant you to know what an inspiration you have been for my husband and me."     - C S


" I have loved every single minute of knowing you and learning from you."     - L G


" Judy, you have been a constant source of inspiration to me. Watching how beautifully you manage your own life challenges has proved to me that Mindfulness works. Your life is a testament to what you teach to the world."    - JAD

Comments Regarding Judy

Class Participant Feedback

" The best benefit is being more gentle and kind with myself."


" This practice is vital to living with compassion and loving-kindness."


" The most meaningful thing to me is looking into myself and becoming aware of just how important I am to me."


" Originally, I signed up for this class to learn how to deal with my stress at work. What I have learned is by taking care of me, the stress just falls away."


" I will always be able to access this method of stress reduction, especially in times of emotional difficulty."


" I am more mindful of the beauty in nature and in each person I come in contact with."


" This process opened my mind to the destructive thought patterns I have and the various ways of addressing them."


" This class helped me to learn how to better manage painful emotions."


Robert McClure, HR Consultant Sharp HealthCare                                                 


Diana Winston

Director of Mindfulness Education                                                                           

UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center


Lolma Olsen, Founder Sage Consulting                                                                  

Creator of First Touch, consultant for Sharp Healthcare


Tim Smith, SVP and CEO Sharp Memorial Hospital                                                


Beth Morgante, Vice President                                                                                

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