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Judy Ray, Retired Manager, Spiritual Care, Sharp Grossmont Hospital has been teaching mindful compassion programs to over 500 staff/volunteers for the past five years with outstanding evaluations. Judy brings 20 years of mindfulness meditation practice to her teaching.


Judy Ray created Mindful Compassion classes at Sharp Grossmont Hospital through the Spiritual Care department as a way to support our caregivers by reducing the stress of everyday life. The classes invite staff and volunteers to be active participants in caring for themselves, using their own internal resources to cultivate health, happiness and well being in a variety of circumstances.  According to one participant, “Mindfulness has helped me to be more at peace and little by little; I feel it’s transforming me into a better version of myself”.


When facing healing from caregiver burnout, chronic stress, or chronic health issues, such as pain, physical illness, or depression, the development of skillful, mindful habits becomes ever more relevant. Mindful Compassion classes teach an awareness of being present in the moment in an open, non-judgmental, accepting and compassionate way. We cannot control the stress of working in a busy healthcare setting, but we can learn how to respond rather than react to stress in a more positive way. Research suggests that mindful compassion classes/practices can change our relationship to life.  An employee confirmed, “Meditation allows me to be more open to every type of stimuli at work from stress to joy.”


Burnout  - Compassion – Stress - Mindfulness:

Burnout increases the likelihood of substandard patient care and decreases the ability to feel connected to others and extend compassionate care. Burnout also misdirects additional resources and increases errors in treatment, medication, and hospital acquired infections.


Healthcare organizations embracing compassion-based values yield greater employee health and performance. Employees within these organizations have greater job satisfaction, engagement and organizational commitment, consequently increasing productivity, social connection and efficient decision-making. In addition, provider mindful compassion programs predict shorter duration and severity of symptoms and improves patient satisfaction, treatment compliance, and health outcomes.


Weekly Drop-In: Monday Mindful Meditation:

A weekly drop-in, thirty-minute class for new or experienced participants learning mindful meditation. Participants learn techniques for practicing mindfulness and how it can be used during stressful days at work. Participants are prepared to recognize physically and mentally stressful situations with calmness, clarity, and intention.


Introduction To Mindfulness:

Four, one-hour sessions that empowers individual participants to learn and practice mindfulness. This four-class series is an Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Awareness Practices. Students will learn sitting meditation, walking meditation, eating meditation and how to work with difficult thoughts and emotions. These practices develop greater mind-body awareness and reduce stress. Participants will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily life.


Compassion Cultivation Training:

Two-hour, eight-week empirically supported training program that equips fifteen to twenty-five participants with the knowledge, skills and mindset to be more compassionate for self and others. This program spotlights how compassion generates optimal health outcomes. Participants learn methods for cultivating greater self-care, stress management, and resiliency.


Program Development Consultation:

Availability as needed


Mindful Compassion Classes